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Kathy’s Washi Memo Pad

Update March 20, 2024 Sorry for Order Shipping Delay.

We have received overwhelming number of orders for Sister Stamps.  And we are adjusting our order processing to reflect the longer shipping time required in getting product from Italy to the USA. We are sorry for any delay in shipping out your order…

Update March 15, 2024 We have received a number of inquiries regarding re-release of “discontinued” Sister Stamp images.

A: Currently, we do not have a set schedule from Sister Stamps (Italy) on when “discontinued” images will be re-released.

Aug 31, 2022 – Silver Bells Show Online Only

For 2022, Silver Bells Show in San Francisco will only be online. The scheduled December in-person Show at St Mary’s Cathedral has been cancelled.

May 26, 2022 Tutti Back in Stock

Tutti Dies Back in Stock

2022 Silver Bells Show – San Francisco – Dec 17th 2022

We will be back at the 2022 Silver Bells Show in San Francisco = Saturday December 17th @ St Mary’s Cathedral.