Washi Paper Quilting
Developed and Introduced by Hanko Designs

Washi Paper Quilting™ is a unique, fun and simple way to create beautiful three dimensional  (3D) "puffy" quilt designs using Japanese Washi Paper. 

Washi Paper Quilting is based on the a traditional Japanese doll making Technique called "kime-komi" and Oshie. Pieces of Japanese "kimono" fabric and cotton batting are used to create beautiful doll pictures. Individual parts of the image are formed by creating small "shaped" puffy pillows and then piece together to form the final pictures.  

Oshie Doll Picture using Kimono Fabric

Washi Paper Quilting by Hanko Designs

Hanko Designs has adapted this Oshie technique to be used in modern card making. We have replaced the cotton batting with "thin" cut foam and "kimono" fabric with Japanese Washi Paper.  The results was the creation of Washi Paper Quilting. 

What you need to make washi paper quits?
1. Quilting Foam (in Kit)
2. Chipboard (in Kit)
3. Washi Paper (Recommended)
4. Double Stick Tape, Glue Tape or Dry Glue,


More Sample Cards

Created by Elaine Ellis


General paper quilting instructions:

  • Select a pattern and create a template.

  • Using the template, cut out shape with board and foam.

  • Mount foam on board and wrap washi paper around shape.

  • Arrange shape and embellish.

Tip: Use an ample (large) amount of washi paper to wrap the shape.

Paper Quilting Kits


Advanced Quilting Samples by Elaine Ellis


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Created by Lori Lai

Created by Karen Swemba

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